Friday, December 10, 2010

Our Pack Year in Review

Our Pack's year in review. See what we've been up to including our story of Bernie, a victim of cruelty that's teaching kids about humane treatment of animals. We'd like to include here a HUGE thanks to Animal Farm Foundation for their great support and help in getting Bernie to us! Thanks for seeing the therapy dog in... Bernie and your continued tireless help for the dogs!! We love you. See their site at
Here's our newsletter with an amendment below that was missing:

Rescue is not our only function. Our main focus through Our Pack is to try and help create a community where rescue won’t be necessary in the future. Through our 2 prong program including 2 days/week of socializing and 1 day/week of focus training for the public as well as adopters through Our Pack we’ve been very successful at helping people continue to keep their dogs by teaching them leadership skills, management, training and socialization. We not only rescue dogs but also provide education and guidance for the community . It’s an ongoing 24/7 job that we all absolutely love. Changes in community awareness and responsible ownership is what we are trying to achieve so that our dogs no longer have to suffer, be abandoned, abused, fought and most of all, profiled. Thanks to all the generous people who donated to Our Pack this year and helped us not just rescue but make better lives for our dogs. Your continued donations to Our Pack help us achieve these goals. We are a 501c3 non-profit organization so your donations are tax deductable. We truly appreciate your continued support and help…so do the dogs!

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