Thursday, May 20, 2010

Puppy Stuff

Sometimes when pups don't get early socialization they can be missing communication skills they need to be able to confindently interact with other dogs. Without confidence dogs can become defensive. One of the things we do is help dogs that have missed this early interaction with dogs. From what we learned this pup possibly missed a lot of his much needed early pup on pup play. With remedial socialization he has come along way. When we met him he really wasn't sure what the heck to do. He's now enjoying play and positive interaction with his friend seen here.


  1. Ah! Is that Alfs? With his foster sister/bro?

  2. oh that boxer is sweet! they're not usually so restrained in their play.

  3. True Em. She's been a great teacher/friend for him.

    Tracey - that's not his foster sister. His foster sis (among others in the household) is a Dobie. She's fantastic!

  4. great video!

    we're struggling with the same thing right now... our 9 month old pibble mix foster is horrible with other dogs! He's friendly, but overly so and rude! My dogs are too small for him to mess around with, so I hope to find a dog his size that can teach him some manners.

  5. Jen-

    Know how you feel!

    Nothing like a good happy tough female to teach them good manners. The sooner the better.

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  7. would love to see a post about the specifics around remedial socialization done with this pup.