Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Playing and Talking

I get asked a lot as a trainer from students if it's normal for their dogs to groan and growl while playing. It is normal. Dogs vocalize quite a bit while playing. All normal. Always make sure their bodies are lose and relaxed, no hard staring, fear or stiffness.
Here's our guys goofing it up with lots of vocalizing.
Here's our handout called Your Pit Bull and Other Pets that might be helpful.


  1. Our dogs are really vocal when they play, and a lot of people are scared of them because they think they're being aggressive or using their voice to threaten.

  2. My dog and I play tug and he growls. For those who don't know use, I get the strangest looks. Especially when I pull him close and kiss his nose during our game, because he sounds SO fearsome.

    I love your group. They sound like they are playing didgeridoos. I love the sound of dogs playing.

  3. Wow, I haven't heard about didgeridoos since I took a month trip to Australia 20 years ago!! And YES, they sound like didgeridoos. I will always think of this now!