Thursday, April 22, 2010

Happy Earth Day

I remember while living in Kansas for a couple of years (was born there but raised mostly in Calif.) I had done a lot of pole bending and barrel racing with my horses. On Earth Day I rode my horse to school which was 2-3 miles. My dad followed as best he could in the car. How cute was my dad (still alive at 91)! It was important to him to make the statement that Earth is to be cherished as are animals and the gifts that they give. I remember as an older teenager in California going barefoot with my dog and he followed along and we were like family.We somehow just belonged togehter. I would like to go barefoot again with my dogs and feel the dirt under my feet free of pesticides and chemicals breathing fresh air that my dogs can breathe too. I don't want to forget Earth and what she's given us and the prosperity of her inheritance is not to be simply thrown away. Dogs remind me of the beauty of nature and what a perfect thing she is......thank doG for the grass that's still green! Here's Kevin with his buddy Rocco on the beautiful green grass at training. Happy Earth Day!

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