Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Our Pack featured in SFGate.com column

Earlier this week, we gave you a preview of some material that Christie Keith wrote for her PetConnections.com blog that came out of an interview with Our Pack. This week, she published the main story in a terrific piece featured in her "Your Whole Pet" column on SFGate.com called:

Michael Vick's unpaid dues: Why dog advocates aren't moving on

We here at Our Pack understand that the Michael Vick case has received a lot of space in this blog, and elsewhere in the rescue community. We know that most of our readers are already aware (and abhor) what Vick did to his dogs at Bad Newz Kennels.

However, as Christie points out in her column, much of the general public still are not aware of the full details of this case, which is why we think, for the sake of all the dogs that didn't survive, it still deserves mention here.

Let us know what you think.


  1. I personally have posted twice about him this week. Once was about Leo! I love your site and have it marked as a favorite.

    Keep up the pressure. HSUS was wrong to let him off the hook, which is what they did. They missed the opportunity for all animal rescue groups and big organizations like the ASPCA and the HSUS to stand shoulder to shoulder and say "UNACCEPTABLE!" to Vick. Instead, HSUS took an opportunistic route, and now with the right PR firm, one can do anything and be rehabilitated. I do not have a problem with him being forgiven; I have a big problem with him going back to earning huge figures after what he did, and essentially being back in the public eye. I hold HSUS responsible for that. I still hold Vick responsible for his actions. The message would have been clearer to all - especially young kids - had he been shunned professionally. Now that would have been a story for the ages. But someone had to make a buck so here we are. Never doubt that's what this is about. It can be dressed up anyway the team wants, the PR firm wants, his "mentor" wants; they all have a financial stake in his continuing to play football.

    I am also boycotting Nike, who recently gave Vick his contract back, and I have a post up about that, too. I will forever wish failure on the Philadelphia Eagles. I applaud the other work of the HSUS, but I will not give them money and I increased my monthly contribution to the ASPCA.

    Let's not forget: we cave on this, and who knows what will happen next? I cannot imagine, and I have no interest in finding out.

  2. Shoulder to shoulder with HSUS? Are you kidding? One generation and out, remember that? I wouldnt give one penny to those money grubbers. As long as these groups go after people for their breed choice, they can all go without any money as far as I am concerned. Its all dialing for dollars and they are all crooks and liars for doing it that way. There are plenty of real cruelty things going on that give them much more to do than eliminate dog breeding and spaying all pits to exterminate them. Enough of criminalizaing pit owners and using them as pawns in this game of "more donations" via exagerration and lies and public relations coups with ordinary people, and now rescues, as the unwilling victims of this exploitation.