Thursday, June 18, 2009

Love, Hope and Help with Ben the Therapy Dog

Ben shown here on the left with his sister Charlotte is a certified therapy dog. Here's a note from his person Anne about what it's like to do therapy work with him.

"It makes me feel great to help patients. When I put the vest on Ben he's different. When he enters the clinic his head is up and he's proud of himself. He's loved by everyone, staff and patients. I feel so happy when the patients pet him. Some of the patients will wait for him to get a chance to visit. I'm very proud that I can do something with my dog to help people. I used to be afraid of Pit Bulls believe it or not and now I work along side one to help sick people.
Ben's new job is to walk with a woman who has Alzheimer's disease in Palo Alto which is very rewarding for both of us.
My Pit Bull has given me new life full of love, hope and an ability to help others."

Anne Krevet and Ben.

Thank you Anne and Ben for bringing so much joy to so many people! We are so proud of you!

Marthina and Mary


  1. Hey I forgot to mention that Charlotte is also a certified therapy dog. She's also going to get certified with her other person Oliver for therapy work as well.

  2. That's a wonderful story. I can't wait until my dog has a story.

  3. those dogs are wonderfully cute as well as sweet.

  4. What a great story! Thanks for sharing!

    How do you go about getting a dog Therapy Certified? Or "Service Dog" trained?

  5. Hey Liz,
    First you start with CGC and basic manners. The most important is jumping. As you can see in this video with patients in a cancer treatment facility it's important to keep four on the floor.
    Pit Bulls like to work and train so they're easily trained for this work and have great temperaments for this because they love to be with people.

  6. these dogs are soo pretty and I love to hear about pit bulls doing therapy work!