Friday, January 9, 2009

Pit Bulls; Puppies, Cuddling, Training and Just stuff

It's been a quiet week, I guess we are all getting over the holidays, but we have two events coming next week. We have our event at Chevy's on Almaden in San Jose next Thursday,

and then we'll be at the Grand Opening of Doggieville in Mountain View next Saturday Afternoon

You'll have to go to the website to check out the details, but we'd love to see you stop by for either or both events.
We've been looking at some dogs to bring into our program, so keep all paws crossed that we will find some gems.

Thanks to everyone who keeps coming to our Sunday Training Classes, we all have such a great time and we hope everyone enjoys it just as much as we do.
Here's Anna showing how she has them under control

Well, OK, Not so much but now look at how well she gets them lining up!

and of course here is Miss Tink (Anna's furbaby) who is tuckered out from all that trainingAnd then unrelated to anything here's a cute cuddly picture that just make me smile

Happy 2009 to all of our wonderful friends and families who put up with all of our silliness!
Mary and the rest of the Our Pack Gang!


  1. I love blogs like this, so positive and uplifting. I wish wish wish I was local to you guys and could attend your awesome events. Hope you have a great turnout and keep us posted on new additions to your adoption program. Happy New Year to everyone at Our Pack!

  2. Such a sweet photo of your pile-o-pit bulls basking in the sun. But why aren't you in that picture snuggling with them too?

    :) Angie

  3. Sometimes you just need to post light happy stuff...this seemed like one of those times! Glad you enjoyed!


  4. Yep, nice to just have some good ole fun stuff to kick off the new year!