Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Thank you Michael Vick???

Yes, you are reading the headline correctly, but thanks to this case and the landmark decision to give rescues a chance to work with these dogs, other fight bust dogs are also being given a chance at a new life. No big names involved here, no presss and notoriety, but deserving dogs nonetheless. Can you tell from the pictures which of these came from a raid? How can we not give them a chance at a normal life in a loving home?
THIS is what it is all about.
As we work with the bust dogs we come to find out that they are, oh no, oh my, uh oh, they're just dogs.


  1. I had Charlotte stay with me while her parents were away for a few days. I must say that she is a lovely dog and so easy/laid back. What a great ending to her once sad story, no longer does she have to live in an environment that sees her as a commodity, and not for the soulful being that she is...Thank you Anna & Oliver for giving Charlotte a second chance & a wonderful home! And kudos to Ben!

  2. There are times when an article has to be written that breaks your heart but the public must know what is happening to our beloved Pit Bulls. Then along comes an article that shows us what a Pit Bull really is...a sweet, loving snuggler. My Pit Bulls always sleep touching each other. Thanks, Mary, for writing an article that starts my day with a smile instead of a frown. You are right, they are dogs, big loving, trusting, kissie sweet things, NOT BRUTES!! Isn't that Ben and Charlotte sleeping? So sweet!

  3. OK I must respond to this!Char Char Mar Da Mar is the pet name I gave her when she lived at our foster home. Charlotte has been my favorite dog, counting the numerous dogs I have fostered and worked with and fostered from local shelters! Char was the most receptive to training and enjoyed it too! She loved playing in the back yard with all her dog friends of various sizes. When I moved to LA I knew I would miss her and I cried happily when I received pictures of how well adapted she was in her new home. Char Char is a true love bug!!!! I will always miss her:)Cynthia LA

  4. Woohoo!!! I love this. Even just a little over a year ago, who'd have thunk that BUST DOGS would be getting the chance they deserve. Thanks to groups like Our Pack and the fantastic work you do, these amazing critters who are innocent doggy victims first and foremost, are finally facing a brighter future.