Saturday, October 25, 2008

Is this what Michael Vick had in mind?

Not sure if this is what he had in mind but to us he is a winner in every sense of the word. Leo, one of the infamous Vick dogs, playing with his best buddy on a lazy afternoon! We sure enjoy watching them! Hope you do to..


  1. This is what it is all about...mouthy bully play. I really enjoy watching and listening (yes, they talk to each other)to my pitties do exactly the same thing. Makes my labradors seem so boring. Even when they were young they weren't this entertaining...sweet and lovable, but not as entertaining.
    After a long day of grumpy patients at work, I love walking through my door to so much fun and love. I want to hug and kiss them as much as they want to do the same to me. Too bad Mike Vick didn't get it or want it. His loss our gain!

  2. Oh Leo,

    Ssshhhhhh!....don't tell Dexter, but I can't quite decide who I have more of a crush on between the two of you. Gawd help me! You are both such fabulous and gorgeous boys!!!

  3. I love Dexter! Could he be cuter or maybe sweeter? I call this lolly-play or lazy plazy.

  4. Stephanie,

    I love Dexter too.He is just a gentleman. He and Leo are ALWAYS playing.