Monday, July 19, 2010

Continuation of a Theme

To continue with the same theme of socialization, it occurred to me today after speaking with a person who may have to give up their dog that there is more to this story. I don't truly believe that people get a dog thinking that they will have to give them up after a period of time due to housing or any other issue that comes along without warning. But maybe we should think about that at the beginning. The gentleman I spoke to today has a 4 yr old dog. She has lived with children and loves them - yeah..she is up to date on her shots, licensed and spayed - double yeah!!!! But she is protective of her yard and territory, doesn't like people messing with her food and isn't thrilled with strangers. They have managed her well and have adjusted to her quirks. Sometimes we even encourage those quirks because it's easier for us to adjust than to work with the dog on some of their tougher behaviors. Now they are under the impression that if they take the dog to a shelter it will be put down if it fails even one test. I work with enough shelters to know that one thing alone isn't a death sentence but a combination of behaviors that we have allowed to continue certainly could be. With the current economy many shelters are over run with dogs that have been surrendered. They don't have the space, time, money or personnel to work with a lot of troubled dogs. Rescues are also filling up and foster families are hard to come by. So maybe we should take on a dog with the thought that it is temporary and we spend the time with them getting them ready to be the best that they can be? Help them to become a good doggie citizen, no matter what the breed or mix so that heaven forbid something comes up that we have to find another home for our beloved pet they have a much better chance? Prepare them for the world. Socialize them with all kinds of people and critters in a controlled setting, encourage good behaviors with positive feedback. Love them, cherish them, even spoil them, but let's help them to be the dog that not only we love but that can be loved by many!
ok..just my ramblings for a Monday evening

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  1. I just sooo hate to send you this, but maybe you can do more than me,...there is a post on my facebook site about a raid in Missouri, the family dogs, one a pit, the other a welsh corgi(??) were killed right in front of their 7 year old...I am sending this out to everyone I can, I am now down in bed as a long time cancer fighter, and raised with pitbulls as my nanny dammit, had them my whole life and to hear the sounds of the dogs trying in fright to sound off that intruders were in their home, and the sounds of un shots, and animals in pain, was so bad my animals ran out of the room, and I just quit the tears...I just dont understand why these wonderful dogs are always treated as though they are terrible...if you dont see the link on my facebook page, its there, I promise, I know it is also on that YouTube site, look for the one about the missouri police raid...but get the dogs away from the sounds...its bad...really bad. I am off to webwork somemore, I am furious, I may be too ill to get up and do something but I CAN inform and webwork.On facebook, I am under the name Cindy Harris Lamprecht..or Cindy, or both should have the link, and of course, your beauties are part of my facebook people/dogs that are friends!