Monday, June 7, 2010

Bella Got Adopted!

Bella came from the very large raid in Missouri last July where 500 dogs were taken to shelter. Our Pack rescued her in November. We just finalized her adoption yesterday, adopted by Robert, Vanessa and their two children! Yes! We are so happy for this wonderful girl. She's in the best place. Our Pack will continue to give training and support througout Bella's life. We'd like to thank the Humane Society of Missouri for their hard work in helping to save these wonderful dogs. Thanks to Christina Aquistapace and her husband Tony for their great jog they did fostering! We'd also like to thank Gale at MuttsNStuff for getting our girl out to us and the continued help and support. It really takes teamwork and rescues/shelters working together to save dogs. Thank you!


  1. AWSOME! You go Bella!!! And thanks to Our Pack and Bella's new family!!

  2. Yeah for Bella! And I'd like to add how much we appreciated her foster family for getting her ready for her new home! Thank you Christina!

  3. Bella you gorgeous gal! I'm so happy for you! Now cover yourself in kisses and give yourself lots of hugs from me!