Monday, May 26, 2008

Mutts and Stuff

Again, we believe in angels. Gale Frey at Mutts and Stuff is one for sure. She’s been rescuing Pit Bulls for 7 years now. She recently worked with us on the Missouri fight bust case.

Check out her website and what she does. She’s awesome

Gale also sent us this article as it’s hitting her literally where she lives. Please blog along with us. We’d like to hear your views on this topic. Click here for the article!

Thanks for all that you do Gale!



  1. Interesting article....I find it strange that the one person keeps arguing that harsher punishments are taking away the peoples rights. But when you commit crimes you can go to jail. So some of your rights are taken away there (Liberty for ex.). So what is the difference? And dog fighting is not smoking a joint. This is harming other animals (and people). I think the article was looking for a devils advocate and they got one. But you can see the Vick case has brought the subject to the forefront and that is good.

  2. The one person/organization that is protesting being a specator should be a felony is also a protector for Missouri puppy mills. She fights hard to protect the rights of large puppy millers in the the state of Missouri.

    The fear of the organizaton is that if they give in on this item, it will affect Hunte and other millers rights. I personally do not think puppy mills should have rights but that is another subject to discuss.

    Smoking a joint is one thing but torturing animal life is a bit bigger than self pleasure.

  3. No sane person wants dog fighting happening in this country or anywhere else, but I think we have to be careful how we go after people, prosecute the cases and handle the dogs after the fact. I'd rather see huge fines for spectators that can go to education efforts and probation/mandatory humane education for those offenders. As far as those convicted of actual dog fighting, lock 'em up and fine 'em.

    Dogs should be removed from some of these properties for neglect reasons, let alone dog fighing (which is oftentimes a matter of circumstantial evidence - and some of that 'evidence' is stuff lots of humane, caring Pit Bull people own). Not labeling the animals 'fighting dogs' unless we are sure they actually ARE would help them get a fairer shake, anyway.

    Dog fighting laws are sticky business. I don't think this subject is cut n dried. Dog fighting = evil; that's the simple part. But the laws and prosecution of dog fighting cases and how these things have been handled have left much to be desired since their inception.

    There are no easy answers to these questions, but I'm glad we're all starting to ask them, because the more qet ask the closer we'll get to real solutions; the more dogs we'll save; the less suffering we'll see.

  4. I agree. This is now being look at more closely than before which is really needed. The more discussion there is the more hope there is that we as a whole can get this right and prevent/decrease dog fighting greatly.