Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Vick Reinstated, But Don't Worry, Leo

The news came yesterday that Michael Vick is back in the NFL, with some conditions. Many of you have followed the story of Leo, one of Vick's dogs that we rescued and who has since happily taken to his new life as a therapy dog. When I saw how quickly Leo wanted to be in a pack and be accepted, I was amazed. I was amazed because of where he came from and what he must have endured. Leo has a soul. You can see it in his eyes. He has a heart; you can see it in the way he wants to do the right thing. Not because it's going to "get him somewhere" or because he'll get money, but because it's right and right for all involved. That's what I saw in Leo when he first came to us. I don't see that in people who abuse animals. It's sad how the animals who are abused have more heart and feeling than the people who hurt them.

Leo is safe now. He will never be hurt again. He will never be forced to do something that is so unnatural for his kind. He will never wonder what's going to happen to him next, good or bad. Living in a yard with nothing to do, day in and day out, those days are over. Leo's days are full of play with his brothers and sisters, walks, training, cuddling, smooching and plain ole nap time on a cushy bed after fun play in the yard. I promise this is the way he will live out his days.

I want to share this photo that wonderful two-time Pulitzer prize-winning photographer Carol Guzy took on a regular morning at my house. This is how Leo starts his day, every day, after breakfast. Dream a little dream Leo, life is one.

— Marthina


  1. So beautiful, Marthina. Totally made me tear up!

  2. Vick is allowed back in the NFL and we'll see who wants him. Even if most team owners don't want him someone will see that $ sign and will take a chance on him for sure. I honestly hope in backfires on the team that does this and ticket sales decrease and don't increase. Everyone should remeber Vick did what was best for him in the plea deal, that was his concern, nothing else.

  3. Wow what a wonderful, heart-felt post. Hope it makes people stop and think a little about who the real monsters are.....

  4. I talk about Leo and the other Vick dogs that were rescued and thriving in their new happy lives every chance I get. What happened was and is awful. These dogs are a brilliant silver lining that was pulled out of a big ugly storm cloud. Dog fighting was made very public thanks to Michael Vick, who I'm sure thought he was invincible. His fall from grace was very public and I imagine he'll think more than twice about doing it again. We can only hope others will learn from his undoing. I'd like to see him speak out against dog fighting - that would be the best thing he could do.

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  6. M - That is a beautiful piece of writing. Wow.

  7. Thanks Noelle for the nice comment.

    I just sometimes think that we should put rehab where the heart is to get the best out of our work.

    There's a lot of focus on Vick and HIS rehab or lack thereof. I don't want it forgotten what these animals endure in these situations and they are victims of what are suppose to be feeling beings.

  8. Hey Leo,
    Want to know what your pal Hector thinks about Vick being reinstated?